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War Brewing

Demons attackingSkeletons from the pastReturning to haunt the presentDarkness taking over the soulA peaceful manPushed to a warThat he does not wantBut will participate inFor the woman he lovesIt’s himAnd only himTo protect herEven from herselfWhen she saysI can take care of myselfI am okI am not in dangerBut he knows the truthThatThe woman he

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Trials and tribulationsMemories come back as revelationsLost causes redeemedAngels given back their wingsDarkness has leftWith the swiftShining of the lightThat is more brightThen it ever has beenAnd i have never seenThis clearIn a long time

With My Love

When I met youI never imaginedHow importantYou wouldBecome to meWe became friendsWhen I did not know howTo be a friendYou showed meWhat it meansTo beAnd how toBe a friendThrough theGood timesAnd the bad timesYour heart of goldHas alwaysTaken care of meEven whenI would run awayAnd feltI did not deserveThat help from youYou would give me

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Make and Earn Money With Affiliate Programs

Coldest Water – Coldest Ambassador Team Basic Level – Commission: 8% per Sale – PRO AMBASSADOR – Commission: 20% per Sale. QuikPlace – Earn money promoting – music – brands. Webtalk – Being social pays. Earn money using Webtalk . Webtalk shares 50% of its ad revenue with all members. Just post, like,

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Save Money On Shopping

Amazon – Use code YOURSIZE for $20 off $100 Shoes. Coldest Water – 10% off – use code BRETT – Blue Apron – Get $60 off first 3 boxes. Lifeboost Coffee – Healthiest coffee on the planet – Free shipping on orders over $50. C2WHealth – Free Shipping over 30+.

Webtalk Rewards

Webtalk Rewards By simply using Webtalk, you can earn points that redeem for cash monthly. You’ll earn points for engagement, creating popular content, and for your referrals to Webtalk.  The cash rewards program is 100% free, and available worldwide. Restrictions may apply. Affiliate Program Join Webtalk’s free affiliate program, where being social pays big. No matter if

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